Pittsburgh Photographers

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    Richard Ball Photography

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    Ashley Derr Photography

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    Mary Beth Miller Photography

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    Danielle Green Photography

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    Franctal Studio

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    Anne Troxel Photography

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    Strawberry Snails Photography

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    Moon Pie Photography

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    Donna Weckerly Photography

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    Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography

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    Pamela Anticole Photography


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Find and hire the best Photographer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania near you who specialize in photography near me. View samples of their pictures from past photo sessions to get photo ideas. Read reviews of Pittsburgh photographers from other customers and leave a review for a Pittsburgh photographer you have used.

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Working With a Photographer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Should You Pay a Photographer?

Photographers charge from $50 to $300 or more per hour depending on their experience, the quality of their work, their reputation, and the demand for their services. Depending on the number of hours for the shoot, the total cost could be hundreds for a portrait photographer session to thousands for something like a wedding photographer shoot.

Do You Tip Photographers?

The short answer is yes, you do tip a photographer, but it is not a requirement and many people do not tip. If you do decide to tip, how much you tip will depend on several factors such as the type of photography, the quality or experience of the photographer and the total cost of your services for the photographer. Usually, a 10-15% tip is the general range of tips. We at Photographer.org would recommend tipping. A large percentage of photographers are part-time businesses or 2nd incomes, so every bit helps.

Do Photographers Come Into Your House?

Photographers can or can not come into your home, it’s entirely up to you and depends on what you want to do with your photo session. A lot of portrait and family photographer sessions are outdoors to take advantage of natural light and settings. When you hire a photographer be sure to clarify your intentions and wishes on proximity and how you’d like things to proceed and if there are any special considerations.

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