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    Cindy Arthur Photography

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    Photo Finish Seniors

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    Jenny Watts Photography

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    Ericka Williams Photography

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    SNAP photography

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    Allison Hinman Photography

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    Joann Leboeuf Photography

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    Suzanne Krull Photography

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    Dimensions Photography

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    Memorable Moments

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    Candid Touch Photography

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    Angie Fuller Portrait

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    Sarah Feinstein Photography

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    Kristi Hartley Photography

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    Staci Noel Photography


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Senior Picture Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does a Senior Picture Photographer Do?

A senior picture photographer takes photos of the graduating seniors from high school and college. This will include pictures of the graduate in a setting and location of their choosing to represent their favorite place near their school, their interests, their athletic participation or their high school or college major. In addition, they will have to edit all of your photos and spend a lot of time during the post processing stage to prepare your final pictures.

How Do I Find and Choose The Best Senior Picture Photographers?

There are several ways to find a good senior pictures photographer that will satisfy your expectations, including using the search engines, a local senior picture photographer directory, and also word of mouth referrals from family and friends. When reviewing your options always be sure to review the senior picture photography galleries of the photographers you are considering to be certain you are choosing a senior photographer that takes pictures and photos in the style that you desire. What one graduate likes another graduate may not, so it’s an entirely subjective process depending on the style of senior picture photography you want. Always look for someone with significant experience in senior picture photography and as a graduation photographer, at least 5 years so you can be sure they are competent and have plenty of previous high school and college senior shoots to show as examples.

How Much Do Senior Picture Photographers Cost on Average?

Average prices and cost for senior picture photographers will vary based on the experience of the photographer, the location, whether they have to travel long distance, and also how in demand they are due to their talent. On average, you can expect to pay $200 to $400 or more for a good senior photographer session. Some that travel and are in high demand will charge $300 or more plus travel expenses. It is not advisable to choose a photographer that only charges $100 or less due to the fact that they may not have that much experience, but if their senior picture photography portfolio is good and you’re happy with their style, that may be an option for you.

Do You Tip a Graduating Senior Picture Photographer?

Most people do tip a graduate photographer, but it isn’t required depending on their fee. A tip of 10% to 15% is not uncommon and most have no problem tipping because of the relationship they develop with their senior photographer and the time spent throughout the day of the shoot.

What Questions Should I Ask a Senior Picture Photographer?

There are several questions you should ask your senior photographer up front to be sure you have clarity on how things will take place, what you can expect and what the final deliverables will be. Key questions include:

  • How many senior picture photography and graduate photography shoots have you shot?
  • What editing style do you use for senior picture photography?
  • What editing style do you use for graduation photography?
  • How many edited photos are included?
  • Can we have all the photos that aren’t edited on a thumb drive?
  • What are your total costs and what deposit is required?
  • Can we shoot inside at our house, your studio, or even outside for senior picture photography?
  • Can we include other family members in the senior photography shoot?
  • Can you be available for two different locations if desired?

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