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About Us

A Modern Photography Organization

Established in 2017 by a small group of photographers, Photographer.org is a new organization with a novel vision of the future of photography online for both photographers and customers seeking to work with photographers. Photographer.org is FREE for both Consumers and Photographers.

The core organizational objectives are as follows:

  1. Help Photographers Grow Their Local Business
  2. Help Consumers Connect With Local Photographers
  3. Build The Photographer Community of The Future

Our mission is to provide the #1 photography community to connect consumers with photographers and to the world of photography.

Our promise to consumers is anonymity and ease of use. We never require a login, mobile app download or any type of sign-up.  We respect your privacy and we don’t collect any of your personal information.

As we grow we will be introducing new parts of Photographer.org that will serve the needs and desires of the photographer and photography enthusiast community.

You can contact us directly using our contact form with any questions or suggestions.