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    Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography is a boutique photography studio specializing in wedding & high school senior photography. We cater to clients who desire a complete photography experience. As such, we spend a great deal of time getting to know each of our clients on a personal level so that we can provide an experience tailored to your wants, needs and personality! We work closely with you in the months and days leading up to your senior session or wedding to ensure that you have an enjoyable stress-free photography experience and get ahhh-mazing images that you will be excited to display in your home, on your coffee table or in your dorm room!

    Our goal and our passion is to provide each and every client with custom artwork to display on their walls and coffee tables. As such, we pride ourselves on offering only the very best handcrafted products made by some of the finest artisans in the industry.

    Our style has been described as clean, vibrant, and eye-catching and the experience has been described as feeling as if you are being photographed for the pages of a magazine.

    If you got “goosies” reading this, you may be our kind of people (or…you may just need a sweater)! We are quirky, fun, great at what we do and VERY VERY serious about getting you ahhh-mazing images and treating you to an exceptional experience! Reach out…we’d love to get to know you!

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    5 Reviews on “Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography”

    1. Jules Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography
      Overall Rating:

      Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography, LLC did a wonderful job for both our engagement photos and our wedding photos. She works well with her clients to make sure their wedding experience is top notch! I am so happy we went with Stacey and we have the best photos of our happiest day in the world.

    2. Anika Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography
      Overall Rating:

      I have always looked forward to getting my senior pictures and Stacey made them so much fun! On top of my actual senior picture session, I got to have a special photo shoot at Carrie Furnace. I got to dress up, get my hair & makeup done, and take some really cool pictures! Every session was incredible! Thank you, Stacey, for capturing my senior year so beautifully. I am forever thankful!

    3. Keri Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography
      Overall Rating:

      I met Stacey while in Oakmont at a bridal show. She was welcoming and fun to talk to! She photographed Robert and I’s engagement session, which was an absolute blast! We uber’ed around Pittsburgh taking photos at various locations, adding beauty to the photos. Since we are from Pittsburgh it really was special to me to get those historical backdrops of the yellow bridges, shots atop Mt Washington, the point with the fountain (of course ) and Station Square. We got our photos in an album in which we used at our wedding for guests to sign and leave heartfelt messages inside, which made a great keepsake to remember our day. It was everything i asked for. Further, Stacey photographed our wedding beautifully, providing still images from each stage of the day as it unfolded .We enjoyed working with Stacey Lynn. She’s been professional throughout the entire experience . She has captured each moment of our wedding taking the time to make sure many of the details didn’t go unnoticed . Looking back was like reliving our wedding-she really portrayed everyone’s emotions and highlighted details from our special day! I personally love the bride and groom photos- it was comfortable taking photos through the day yet really enjoyable throughout the process. I cannot speak kindly enough about her work- you’ll have to experience the fun for yourself ! Thanks again x 1 million

    4. Kylie Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography
      Overall Rating:

      My senior photo session with Stacey was unforgettably wonderful! Stacey is the most positive & empowering woman I have met & I’m honored to have been part of her Class of 2020 Style Squad. I cannot recommend her professionalism & dedication enough – my pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined!

    5. Anne Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography
      Overall Rating:

      Stacey did a beautiful job for our engagement and wedding photos. She has a great personality and is easy to work with. She is super professional too and makes everything run smoothly. She understands light and focuses correctly to get a beautiful photo. Getting a photographer can be a stressful thing, but i’m so glad I found her. She was willing to work with us on a smaller timeline than most weddings and really delivered a beautiful product. She was also great with our dog! I loved having her and consider her my friend. Highly recommend Stacey. You won’t be disappointed.

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