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    Three Nails Photography is run by award winning photographer Hunter Leone. He has been in business for almost a decade and has hundreds of amazing weddings under his belt. Three Nails specializes in its beautiful blend of fashion photography with wedding photography. Hunter is available for travel world wide.

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    1. Jude Clayton Three Nails Photography
      Overall Rating:

      We took longer than we should have trying to decide which photographer to use for our wedding. We were able to talk to Hunter and he made us feel completely comfortable with our final decision to use him. I have absolutely no regrets. All our expectations were met, wait, they were actually exceeded! We lost my sweet grandpa shortly after the wedding and these beautiful pics of he and I on this day, I will cherish forever. Don’t waist your time on anyone else, stop and Three Nails Photography and save your memories in beautiful pictures.

    2. Kiya Alexander Three Nails Photography
      Overall Rating:

      The attention to detail, the lighting, the colors! Oh my goodness! They are absolutely perfect! I highly suggest Hunter and his team at Three Nails Photography!! You will never regret it! #Swooning

    3. Phyllis Goodman Reynolds Three Nails Photography
      Overall Rating:

      Omg!! Beyond my wildest dreams! I would recommend Three Nails Photography to anyone who ever asks me for a wedding photographer! He was awesome! His ability to catch just the right moment and really capture the feeling of the moment is genius! My mom cried over every single picture! Lol They are perfect! We love you Hunter!

    4. Eva Potts Three Nails Photography
      Overall Rating:

      Love Hunter! We had no idea who was behind Three Nails Photography but when we met him we loved him! He was professional, kind, attentive to me and took getting a very great shots seriously and we can’t wait to see what we know are going to be awesome photos!!

    5. Hanna Gross Three Nails Photography
      Overall Rating:

      I can’t tell you how happy my husband and I are with our wedding photos! Are expectations were high of course because we had seen a lot of there work, but we were blown away when we got them. Thank you for sealing our beautiful memories with beautiful photos!

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