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    Jeannie Blinson Thomson is one of the few Certified Professional Photographers in North Carolina, and a portrait artist known for her vibrant, heartfelt portraits and personalized approach during each and every photo session. Through the course of over two decades, she has been honing her craft professionally. However, she has been infinitely passionate about photography since the moment she first held a camera at eight years old. To date, she has worked with children of all ages and even grumpy fathers who didn’t want their pictures taken at first, but wound up smiling for the camera anyway due to her friendly and even humorous demeanor.

    Both compassionate and equally as dedicated, Jeannie is on a mission to capture moments that families can look back on for years and even generations to come. She also strives to awaken people to their own innate beauty and luminosity through her eyes and leave the world in a better state than when she first entered it. As a boutique studio photographer, she steers clear of high-volume shoots to ensure each of her clients feels like a top priority.

    When she doesn’t have a camera in hand, Jeannie is either holding a book or a gardening tool. She also enjoys attending church to strengthen her sense of community and purpose. Above all, she cherishes quality family time with her husband of 16 years, her wonderful and imaginative eight-year-old boy, and their rambunctious pups, Scout and Lulu.

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