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    When you name your company Awesomesauce, you’ve got to have the goods to back up your claim, and I know I do. I’m not just some random professional you hire to take pictures. I’m an integral, but perfectly subtle, part of your journey, playing the role of supporter, confidant, shoulder to cry on, and as many of my brides claim, one of the best friends you’ll ever have. I see beauty everywhere: in the optimistic face of a high school graduate and in the innocence of newlyweds on their wedding day. To me, beauty is both timeless and ageless, glowing on the perfect face of your newborn baby and carved into the well-earned laugh lines of a couple celebrating their golden anniversary (if you’ve laughed together for 50 years, wear those lines like badges of honor!). Yes, I’m an expert photographer, but I believe when it comes to your life events, I can be so much more. I am a witness to your life story, authentically documenting it in gorgeous images as it unfolds. If what you want is a genuine reflection of your most special moments, Awesomesauce Photography is right for you.

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