There are 3 primary ways to contribute to  In exchange for contributions, we will link to your website or social media page of choice and provide credit if we use your contributions.

  1. Write for Us: You can submit a full page of content about photography topics for our blog or our Photography Guides.  Minimum length is 750 words and it must be original content and include at least one photo, but preferably at least 3 photos.
  2. Recommend Edits: You can submit a recommended edit or addition to an existing piece of content in our Photography Guides or in the blog.  If the edit is legitimate, we will use it and give you credit and a link.
  3. Recommend Photos: You can submit photos to be used on any piece of content.  Please only submit very relevant examples for the piece of content where you would like your photo placed.

You can contact us directly using our contact form with any questions or recommendations.

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