has established a set of strict requirements for profile completion.  All profiles enter a pending status after submission so that they may be manually reviewed and confirmed to be in compliance with our profile requirements.

The Profile Requirements are:

Image Rules

  1. Upload a minimum of 5 images
  2. Images MUST be correctly sized, in focus and with no pixelation (see Image Sizing Requirements)
  3. The main profile image that shows in search results MUST NOT be a portrait style, it needs to be a landscape style to show correctly in the search results
  4. DO NOT upload any of the following:
    • Logos
    • Pictures of yourself
    • Collage images
    • Images with graphic borders or designs
    • Images with very large watermarks on them that cover the image

Business Name Rules

  1. DO NOT include LLC or INC in the business name
  2. DO NOT include keywords for seo purposes in the business name
  3. DO NOT include additional keywords like ‘ART’, ‘DESIGN’, etc. in the business name
  4. DO NOT enter the business name in all caps
  5. DO NOT enter the business name in all lowercase

Business Description Rules

  1. You MUST include a minimum of 50 words as a description for your business
  2. It is recommended that you describe your services and locations you serve

Contact Information Rules

  1. You MUST include at least an email address for potential customers to contact you
  2. We highly recommend you include all 3 contact methods, including your phone, email and website address

Reviews Rules

  1. It is recommended that you add some reviews you have received from customers
  2. Add the reviews while not logged in so they don’t register under your username

Category Selection Rules

  1. You MUST select at least 1 category
  2. You can select up to 3 categories

Location Selection Rules

  1. When entering in your address, you MUST first enter your exact address and then click the button ‘SET ADDRESS ON MAP’.  This doesn’t publish your address but rather sets your location for the Proximity Search option on the website
  2. After setting your address on the map, it is recommended that you change your city to the largest metro market you are located in or near.  This will allow you to be shown to a larger number of potential customers in your metro area.  ie. If you live 20 minutes outside of Dallas, you want to be in the Dallas metro market area.
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