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    Yellow Rose Portraits seeks to provide quality and affordable portraits for the DFW area! Rest assured that we will take the time to really learn what you are looking for and deliver a product you can be proud of!

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    1. Lori Yellow Rose Portraits
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      Yellow Rose Portraits are fabulous! Megan has a unique and special touch with cameras! Her attention to detail is what I am so impressed with; much effort is taken to make simply amazing photos even better. For example, we had a family picture taken in front of a beautiful trellis. The picture was great, but a metal bar connecting the trellis was in the background and somehow, Megan removed the bar that spanned the length from the trellis. I highly recommend Yellow Rose Portraits to anyone looking for exceptional quality in photography,

    2. Elizabeth Yellow Rose Portraits
      Overall Rating:

      Megan does an amazing job. She did my engagement photos and wedding. And I couldn’t have ask for better photos she captured every moment of my day. I’m so happy with everything. I don’t think anyone else would of capture everything I wanted! So thankful she did my pictures and will continue using her for years to come.

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