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    Having a formal background in design, my transition into photography was an easy one. Composition, attention to details, and the goal of creating compelling imagery are all facets that bridge the two disciplines. Photography started for me as a hobby, a creative outlet that allowed me to see the world differently and share that vision with others, then evolved into a way of life. That explains the how and why of photography.
    I think babies and children are fascinating but they grow up so fast that this moment only lasts for so long, that’s why I put the best of me and all of my talent to create memories that will last a life time. To my eye moments are more than space in time; each one of them holds a journal. My gift is to capture such captivating moments with my camera and tell a story.

    Getting to know my clients and then delivering a set of emotionally powerful photographs to record their lives is such a rewarding experience. At this point in my life, there’s nothing I’d rather do.
    If you are interested in a free consultation or information about my services and packages, please fill out the contact form with your enquiry.

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    1. Andres Xio Photography
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      Don’t make the same mistake I made. Terrible experience, unprofessional and rude after the photo shoot. Delivered only 10 unretouched photos out of 50 taken for $190.00, then threaten to seek legal action if I fixed them myself. After doing investigation, my wife and I came to find out she loses every client after their first shoot due to her unethical behavior. I would post all her sick comments and messages if I could on this website but it doesn’t allow me. Save your time and money and hire someone with experience, integrity and morals. DO NOT let your kids around this girl.

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