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    Hi, I’m Stephanie, a wandering and adventurous spirit, full of laughter and curiosity and life…
    mom of three free and wild souls…and owner of Silver Glass Photography based in Tampa, Florida.
    I began this journey following the light, and it’s still something I strive towards every single moment I pick up my camera, my artist’s brush. I want to put your photographs in your hands and on your walls for you to smile at, laugh at, and tell stories about. I work with exclusive, professional printing companies to provide you with heirloom, archival quality prints that you can treasure for a lifetime. I want you to be able to take those photos out all the time to remember what your life was in that fleeting moment…a priceless gift. I really love my job: to capture precious memories for you and let you feel how easy it can be to just enjoy yourself in the moment. Let’s make memories TOGETHER!

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