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    I’m Margie! My full name is Marjorielee Christianson, which fits me pretty well because it sounds creative but functionally, a bit awkward. Most of my life has been spent bouncing around different disciplines in the communications field—I ended up with a graduate degree and have found a niche working in higher education and growing my skills as a graphic designer, photographer, and social media manager.

    But most importantly: I like dogs. Probably more than is considered healthy for a normal person to like dogs. I’ve come to terms with this. So, I started taking photos of them—my dogs, my friends’ dogs, and really, just any dog. And it just took off from there.

    Getting to know the pet and owner is my favorite part of the process: How did they meet? What’s their favorite pastime? Favorite adventure together? These stories are not only interesting to hear, but critical in being able to produce an image that captures their unique personality and relationship.

    Also, of note: Most of my work is created outdoors with limited equipment. You might see me crawling on the ground (possibly inside a bush), climbing up a boulder, or buried in a snowbank all in order to get that perfect combination of light and scenery.

    Pet photography fills my bucket personally and professionally. I hope I can continue on this journey for years to come. Right now I serve the New River and Roanoke Valleys in Virginia.

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    2 Reviews on “Made by Marjorielee”

    1. Angela Made by Marjorielee
      Overall Rating:

      Margie goes above and beyond to make her customer happy. Her patience while doing our family photos with a 2 year old made all the difference in the world. Anyone who has or even knows a 2 year old, knows that after about 2 minutes, they have checked out and are ready to go. She kept her attention, made her smile, made us comfortable, even surprised her with a piece of candy! Not only did she do great with the actual photo session, but her editing skills are AMAZING! I was so happy with the final photos they made me cry happy tears! From beginning to end, she made the whole experience a happy one and we are so pleased we used her. We highly recommend that you book her now.

    2. Becky Made by Marjorielee
      Overall Rating:

      She is an amazing photographer and she is an amazing *dog person*. The dogs were comfortable and had fun, *I* was comfortable and had fun, and the result was absolutely stunning. If you want pet photography? There is no better option. GO TO HER.

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