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    1. Athena Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir
      Overall Rating:

      Where do I start? I’ve had the pleasure of having photos done twice by the talented Kellene. She’s amazing. She just has this way of making you feel so comfortable and welcome. It transcends any feelings of discomfort you may have about taking photos. Her work is beautiful, sensual and just gorgeous. Not only does her work speak for itself, but her personality just brings it all together. Kellene is funny, spunky, spontaneous and she’s an amazing friend. I wouldn’t have anyone else take my photos.

    2. Maddy Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir
      Overall Rating:

      Greatest experience EVER. Kellene is personable, reliable, outgoing photographer you could get. Shooting with her is so fun! She walks you through the step of everything you need and will even help you with your outfit decisions. Kellene makes what would seem like a scary experience a fun and easy experience! I recommend a shoot with Kellene for any boudoir questions or interests

    3. Carolyn Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir
      Overall Rating:

      Kellene is such a warm, fun, quirky and beautiful person!!! My shoot was such a great experience that I just want to do another one so I can have that much fun again. The reality is that boudoir shoots can be slightly awkward since you don’t necessarily know the person taking these intimate photos of yourself. This is exactly opposite of what Kellene does. From the moment you walk in the door it is not awkward. It is such an empowering, fun, and sexy photo shoot!!!! I’m pretty sure we spent more time laughing than actually taking photos. I am still in awe of what she was able to capture, a me that I had not seen in a VERY long time. This experience was worth every single penny!!!

    4. Shanna Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir
      Overall Rating:

      When I first saw the pictures of one of my best friends that had a session with Kellene, I couldn’t believe that the photo I was looking at was my friend! Kellene had a magic touch when it comes to taking photos of women who never thought that they could look as sexy as they do. My first ever session with Kellene, I was nervous, but she made me feel safe and confident. Showed me how to pose and how to breath. She was fantastic!!! So much so that I’ve been a model for her, and will be getting more pictures taken. I love her as a photographer, and as a woman, and as a friend. Kellene is spectacular!!!!

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