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Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir

16 Reviews on “Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir”

  • Katie Lopez
    7 months ago

    She’s amazing, totally sweet, and exuded confidence! She took my awkwardness and made it sexy. I had so much fun!

  • Katie Purves
    7 months ago

    I’ve done two shoots with Kellie. I cannot recommend her enough!! She is amazing, sweet and has an awesome sense of humor! Plus, she’ll help you see the absolute goddess you are through her camera Lense.

  • Abby
    9 months ago

    THE BEST PHOTO EXPERIENCE EVER! From the start it was very laid back and comfortable. She explained the process and made everything seem effortless. Was I nervous going into the session? Yes! Once prepped and ready the nerves were gone. The makeup artist did a wonderful job too. We ended up sharing wedding videos which made the experience seem like just hanging out with friends. THEN THE PICTURES…. I was blown away! I’m thrilled with the outcome. She explained each pose and the translation was beautiful. Thank you for bringing the sexy side back out.

  • crystal rang
    9 months ago

    Absolute 5/5 experience, but would rate 4/5 due to price however it is a luxury experience AND she offers financing options! Kellene was so considerate to my comfort and made me look much more flattering than I have ever felt! She even had a professional makeup artist come in! Kellene captured a range of looks (intimate,sexy, casual) which is difficult to do. I will absolutely be back if she offers a calendar photoshoot!!! Such a beautiful woman who is inspiring confidence in whoever she meets!

  • Mayra
    10 months ago

    Amazing! She did such a wonderful job and the ultimate hype woman! She did a great job of making me feel comfortable and at ease. Her pictures are incredible, I normally never like any pictures of myself but hers were beautiful!

  • Gina Tuthill
    10 months ago

    I have been BLESSED to work with Kellie TWICE! The first time, extremely nervous, newly engaged woman who hate pictures being taken. Then the second time being, a strong, independent woman going through a divorce that was trying to find her self again…to be honest, I am still trying.

    Kellie is amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and at ease with the whole process from beginning to end. I encourage EVERYONE who is scared or intimidated to do this, DO IT! AND DO IT WITH KELLIE!

    I have asked her WHY she does this and her why is WHY I am considering joining the movement. Kellie does this so you not only have stunning photos, but she told me she loves the confidence that emerges from her clients both during her session and when they see their photos revealed. She does it for YOU, even if your why you are taking the photos might be different, she does it for you and ONLY you. Kellie wants YOU to feel confident and gain a sense of self back…no matter what the reason being. She does it for you!

    This is coming from someone who NEVER likes to do things for herself…ever. Makes me feels selfish, but when Kellie has worked with me, I don’t feel that way. She makes me feel like I deserve something for myself, even when I don’t feel like it.

    I love her and I cannot say enough about her or her work. Just take the leap and book with her!

  • Evan Orwin
    1 year ago

    Amazing experience! I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. She made me feel both comfortable and beautiful. The pictures were gorgeous and my husband was so surprised. His favorite Christmas present! I really enjoyed our review session and I loved her feedback, and help to pick the best pictures for my book, when I was hung up on things I didn’t love (it was funny bc a lot of the pictures she encouraged me to include were my husbands favorites!). As a mom of 3, I don’t always feel like I can see or express the side of me that doesn’t identify as “mommy” . This photoshoot helped me see myself outside of that role and get back in touch with the girl I was before!

  • Mia Perry
    1 year ago

    Had the best time with her! It was the most amazing experience and so much fun!!

  • Lisa Hartwig
    2 years ago

    KellieMae is fantastic at what she does. She made me feel so comfortable and made the shoot just fabulous. She really gives you detailed instruction to make your photos turn out beautiful. Would totally do this again with her!

  • KR
    2 years ago

    I had seen Kellene’s photos on Instagram. I was intrigued by the beautiful photos of women who looked so confident. Her professionalism and the rapport she builds with her clients creates an environment where you can feel confident and sexy from the minute you get her first emails. She has a process that makes you feel comfortable, empowered, and beautiful. She walked me through every minute of the process with encouragement and sensitivity. Kellene is an artist who helps women take time for themselves and open their eyes to see how gorgeous they are inside and out. I was floored when she showed my my images during my reviewing session. I initially did this as an anniversary present for my husband but it was an experience that changed me and helped me grow. She is a fantastic photographer and an amazing woman. I highly recommend her!

  • Amber
    2 years ago

    I’ve been contemplating doing this for a few years and I wish I would have done it sooner!! I think this is a MUST DO for EVERY woman!! Kellene was amazing to work with. She is professional, funny, beautiful, inspirational and knows how to make an awkward situation comfortable. I thought I was doing this for my husband but it ended up being more for myself and my boost of confidence. The pictures turned out amazing and beautiful. I will definitely be doing more shoots with her!!

  • Taryn
    2 years ago

    This experience is an absolute MUST!!! If you are having any reservations, throw them out the window and book an appointment!!!! The minute you walk through the door, you are welcomed and immediately pampered on to look your absolute best!! The whole process was so easy and once I got my pictures back, my jaw literally dropped! I think I screamed out loud with how happy I was with how they turned out! I literally want to show everyone my pictures now😂

  • Athena
    4 years ago

    Where do I start? I’ve had the pleasure of having photos done twice by the talented Kellene. She’s amazing. She just has this way of making you feel so comfortable and welcome. It transcends any feelings of discomfort you may have about taking photos. Her work is beautiful, sensual and just gorgeous. Not only does her work speak for itself, but her personality just brings it all together. Kellene is funny, spunky, spontaneous and she’s an amazing friend. I wouldn’t have anyone else take my photos.

  • Maddy
    4 years ago

    Greatest experience EVER. Kellene is personable, reliable, outgoing photographer you could get. Shooting with her is so fun! She walks you through the step of everything you need and will even help you with your outfit decisions. Kellene makes what would seem like a scary experience a fun and easy experience! I recommend a shoot with Kellene for any boudoir questions or interests

  • Carolyn
    4 years ago

    Kellene is such a warm, fun, quirky and beautiful person!!! My shoot was such a great experience that I just want to do another one so I can have that much fun again. The reality is that boudoir shoots can be slightly awkward since you don’t necessarily know the person taking these intimate photos of yourself. This is exactly opposite of what Kellene does. From the moment you walk in the door it is not awkward. It is such an empowering, fun, and sexy photo shoot!!!! I’m pretty sure we spent more time laughing than actually taking photos. I am still in awe of what she was able to capture, a me that I had not seen in a VERY long time. This experience was worth every single penny!!!

  • Shanna
    4 years ago

    When I first saw the pictures of one of my best friends that had a session with Kellene, I couldn’t believe that the photo I was looking at was my friend! Kellene had a magic touch when it comes to taking photos of women who never thought that they could look as sexy as they do. My first ever session with Kellene, I was nervous, but she made me feel safe and confident. Showed me how to pose and how to breath. She was fantastic!!! So much so that I’ve been a model for her, and will be getting more pictures taken. I love her as a photographer, and as a woman, and as a friend. Kellene is spectacular!!!!

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