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    Frank is a part-time professional photographer in events, pets and family.

    He graduated from University of London with a Bachelor of Art degree. Since January 2010, he started his first commercial shooting when he was 18 years old. During his stay in London, Frank spent a lot of casual time taking photos and became an amateur photographer. In the past 5 years, he was invited to photo 48 commercial shootings including pre-wedding, wedding, pets and events.​ He won severl awards from the “North America Art Photography Association” and also a contracted photographer of “Global Times”.

    At 2017, he moved to Seattle.​ Right now, shooting photos are one of the most important part in his daily life.

    The top level of cameras, Sony A7RIV and A9M2 with several G-Master lens will be used. All the raw photos and the selected beautifying photos will be finished in one or two weeks. The price is around $200-$300/hour based on the tasks.

    Please find more details and demo photos through

    Fell free to contact with me if you need any help.


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    3 Reviews on “Frank’s Photography”

    1. James Frank's Photography
      Overall Rating:

      This team performed pretty well at my wedding! I strongly recommend him for everyone trying to find a wedding photographer. The super good photo quality, the proper price and fast after treatment speed made me fell very satisfied. Hope you team will be more successful in the future.

    2. Eve Hsieh Frank's Photography
      Overall Rating:

      My wedding was held last month. Frank is a very warmhearted and responsible photographer. Before the wedding, he setteled a telephone call about the preference and types of photos you want. He will try his best to meet the requirements of the photos as you expect. No doubt, I made a right choice.

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