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  • Profile provides art that matches your soul, not your sofa.
    From boudoir, to black and white, magical edits and everything in between.

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    1. Cathy Ortiz-Herman DL Art Photo
      Overall Rating:

      Denise is awesome! She took pictures pictures of my great grandparents and children that were fading away and made everyone visible! She also made disappearing siblings reappear and fixed the coloring in the picture! She is absolutely the best and the only person I trust with my restorations of fading loved ones!! Thank you Denise!!!

    2. Katie Lynn DL Art Photo
      Overall Rating:

      Denise is a pure joy to work with. Every shoot I have had the pleasure of having with her has been the perfect mix of professionalism, creativity, and fun. She takes the time to know her clients, understands their essence, and make it shine in her photos. She has an innate ability to pull the best from you in the most natural way. I would highly recommend working with her at any opportunity you can.

    3. Rachel DL Art Photo
      Overall Rating:

      I highly recommend Denise for your photography needs! She exceeds expectations in every way! She is an absolute JOY to work with <3

    4. Amparo D Atherton DL Art Photo
      Overall Rating:

      I have known Denise for many years and she has been my photographer in different occasions. Let me start by saying that Denise is an amazing artist and photographer. Her eye for detail and beauty is incomparable. If you can dream it, Denise can make it happen!
      First Denise took my Boudoir pictures. I was very nervous and she took the time to answer all my questions in a very assuring way. My next concern was privacy. Denise promised me the outmost privacy and confidentiality. She told me that my pictures were not going to be shown to anyone but me and if she ever felt the need to show one of them she will get my approval first. That made me feel very comfortable.
      Wow!!! When I first saw my boudoir photos…I was speechless, amazed and glad I did it. For the first time I saw myself as beautiful and sexy 55+WOMAN.
      The final product, which was a hard cover book of all my pictures, is perfect, professional, amazing…I love it!!! Denise captured the best of me in a very tasteful way. Another one of her many talents is restoring old pictures. I asked her to try to save an old and severely damaged photograph of my grandfather and when she was done with it, it looked good as new.
      Denise also took our 10th wedding anniversary pictures and they not only look incredible but we had so much fun as well. Portraits of my husband and other fun pictures. Well, I am so happy we met and without hesitation I recommend Denise 100+% She is simply AMAZING!

    5. Bri Gisella DL Art Photo
      Overall Rating:

      I’ve truly never encountered someone with an attention to detail through every part of the process as Denise in the dozen plus shoots we have collaborated on. She is early to every shoot, she adapts to every scene quickly, her set ups are genius, and her editing is beyond dreamy and diverse. We have shot fashion, fantasy, abstract, professional/corporate, product, boudoir, headshots and beyond, and she excels in each one as though it’s her speciality. Her demeanor makes models so comfortable through each shoot, she truly makes you feel like the most beautiful and capable human being and really aims to give you a superb finished product. I wish I could clone Denise.

    6. Carolyn C. DL Art Photo
      Overall Rating:

      Denise and I have shot many different occasions, Holiday, Family, Business, and my favorite, boudoir!
      Besides knowing the best poses, lighting, equipment and all things photography, Denise knows how to make you feel at ease, comfortable even, at your most vulnerable. Denise LISTENS to what you want and doesn’t just churn out cookie cutter pics that end up stuffed in a closet somewhere. You will be so thrilled with the results you will want to exhibit them proudly to be treasured for years to come. I never ever thought I would LOVE pictures of myself! I feel so empowered and strong and confident everytime I see them. I feel everyone deserves to have a photo that captures their inner and outer beauty. Denise is always professional, encouraging, positive and kind.

    7. Lauren Messing DL Art Photo
      Overall Rating:

      Denise is such a joy to work with. She took our sons graduation photos and our family Christmas photos. Denise took special care to make us feel comfortable during the shoot. Her editing is absolutely stunning. Enhancing the photo with water and our reflections where there was none in the original photo. A sunset behind our son that looked completely natural. We received portrait photos that captured our sons personality perfectly. He was actually genuinely smiling because Denise helped him feel comfortable with her. We are beyond happy with our experience and photos. Denise is very professional and comes highly recommended.

    8. Alysa Wegelin DL Art Photo
      Overall Rating:

      Denise is an amazing photographer that really gets to know her clients and shows how beautiful they truly are. She has take my wedding photos as well as my Boudoir photos and every single one is special to me in ways words couldn’t possibly describe. She has an artistic eye that is so hard to find these days. I would recommend here 100000%!

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