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    Photographing all types of special events and filming weddings

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    1. Sanntanna ross ABN Photography
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      Abn photography is someone i would never recommend.
      Their communication is all over the place n they’re not professional at all! In the beginning i should of known that they were unprofessional smh. I paid my money through cash app up until my final pymt then they stop answering the phone and texts. I tried reaching out for weeks and nothing. I finally disputed the charge with my bank, then all of a sudden ashley calls me from a new Num. Number one of u have clients in progress why wouldn’t u update ur num with them!! I still took the chance to go with them right. So the day of my wedding i get a call from ashley, stating she’s been around someone that had Covid n she had to send some other people out to photographer. Remind u i never seen these people work or anything! I understood tho on the fact that a lot is going on with the Covid right! Ok cool. So the other photographers did come n do their job. Now my contract with abn states i will have all raw prints within 10 days after my wedding and my video within 2-3weeks. It’s not a full month later and still don’t have my pictures nor video. I’ve been calling and texting. They respond when they want to respond! They had an issue cause i had a lot of pics. Remind u ALL prints were in the contract suppose to get edited and printed. That’s what we paid for right!!! So now there’s calls about the printer charging them more money to print or the printer doesn’t have enough paper etc… now what this have to do with us idk. I jus want what i paid for. When they did answer I’m like to make it easier i can jus pick out the pics we really want and we can go from there. Trying to make it easier for them right. Day after day i suppose to got my pics and every day there’s an excuse on why they couldn’t bring them or why i couldn’t come get them. The husband nosh finally bring SOME pics over. The pics look like someone took the pics from a phone and got them printed at Walmart. I’m like these pics aren’t edited nor do they look professional. So they were suppose to re do them and give me the rest of my prints. Current status as of today Noah stated he don’t know when they will be ready and ashley suppose to be in the hospital having surgery!!!! Smh. These people are a joke I’m currently seeking legal advice and may have to sue them. Our special moment and as of now we have no memories smdh! Horrible

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