Image Sizing FAQ Image Optimization Requirements

  1. Convert your hi-res image to a low-res web file (72 dpi)
  2. Must be saved as a .jpg
  3. Horizontal and Vertical image height should be set to 520px
  4. File size must be under 400kb
  5. Your first image will be your thumbnail image that appears in the search results.  For it to appear correctly, it needs to be horizontal, not vertical.

*Click Here for Free Photoshop Actions – Web Image Re-Sizing Action Included

*IMPORTANT: The first image on your profile page is also used for your thumbnail image in the search results. This image needs to be horizontal for best results.

Adobe Photoshop Image Sizing Tutorials

  1. Optimizing Images
  2. Save for Web
  3. Optimize an Image for the Web
  4. Compress a Web Graphic to a Specific File Size

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