35 Cute & Funny Puppy & Dog Pictures

Dog pictures are enjoyable for everyone to look at and are good for a laugh and a good feeling.  Pictures of puppies being cute and funny always bring a smile to our faces.  Pictures of dogs that are funny and cute are the most popular types of dog images, after puppy pictures that is.  Baby puppy pictures and happy birthday dog images are always enjoyable also and we love to celebrate our puppy’s birthday when it comes along.  People also love looking at all the different breeds of dog photos.  It’s fulfilling learning about new dogs and seeing all the different expressions different dogs and puppies make when they are being goofy, funny and cute.

Pictures of Puppies

Puppies in their younger days have to be the most favorite and enjoyable part of a dog’s life for the puppy and the owner.  Everything is so new to a puppy and they are in constant exploration mode.  The expressions they make are priceless as they discover their new world and the degree of cuteness and humor they exude is high.  Puppies are our greatest companions and our best friends while giving us some of some of the best laughs and feelings of love available.  If you have a puppy to include here that just can’t be left off because he or she is too cute, send a pic and we’ll add them!  Enjoy the puppy pictures.

Cute Dog Pictures

Dogs and puppies have an endless supply of cute expressions and behavior.  They are clever yet innocence and their childish nature lends itself to some of the cutest expressions you’ve ever seen from all types of pups and dogs.  It could be just the way they smile, or they way their eyes look or respond, or even the tilt of a head or a motion of paw, whatever it is, it’s all so darned cute.  Enjoy the cute dog pictures!  If your dog is so cute it can’t b left off this dog picture list, send it to us.

Funny Dog Pictures

The funny dog pictures are a lot of people’s favorites, even over the puppy pics.  The funny dog images just have a different level of cute built it while also being funny as heck.  Usually it’s the dog’s expression that does it.  Or it could be their owner has dressed the dog up in costume for a doggy photo session.  The weather can also play a part in the dog’s humor or a companion canine best buddy who is as goofy and funny as they are.  Usually it all boils down to their personality.  And if their owner is goofy, they are guaranteed to be goofy and funny too!  Once again, if you think your dog is funny (meaning you think your funny) and he/she can’t be left off this funny dog picture list, by all means, send it to us!



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