2020 Landscape Photography Winners from The Independent Photographer

“Landscape photography is one of the oldest forms of photography. When taking a picture of a landscape, just like in a portrait or a scene, photographers attempt to tell a story and we wanted to discover and celebrate all the beauty and joy that nature can provide.” Thomas Heaton

1ST PRIZE: Stephen King

“The photographer has created an image that can only be described as a piece of fine art. The pastel colours, subtle tones, and beautiful arrangement of trees give this image a painterly quality which instills peace and calm in the viewer. The photographer did an outstanding job of seeing this composition and reacting to the unusual weather conditions. This is a well-deserved winner.” — Thomas Heaton

2ND PRIZE: Christopher Baker

“The Pyramids of Egypt are a place of wonder. They are shrouded in mystery and hold so many untold secrets. The photographer has captured this perfectly. I am unsure if the photographer used intentional camera movements or took a double exposure, but the resulting image is that almost perfect symmetry, bold shapes, and strong lines, whilst softening and hiding much of the unwanted details that may have been a distraction. This image has a romantic quality that leaves the viewer wondering what secrets lie within that tomb.” — Thomas Heaton

3RD PRIZE: Joshua Cavalier

“Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of China and its long and vivid history, The Great Wall is one of the most iconic wonders and thus presents a multitude of challenges for photographers. Extensively photographed over the years, almost continuously flooded with tourists and subject to natural weather conditions: capturing the perfect shot is no easy task. However, Joshua Cavalier successfully overcame every challenge to create an image well worthy of its subject. Perfectly composed, timed, and framed with a vantage point depicting the landmark void of people, the soft pastel hue and mountain ranges gradually slipping in the background seemingly echo to the grandeur of nature and man’s monumental construction.” – The Independent Photographer Editors



Original article: https://independent-photo.com/themes/april-2020/

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