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20 Inspirational Photography Quotes

Famous Photographers inspire us every time we see their photography, hear their name or learn of specific things they say or have said.  Their quotes are a picture, no pun intended, into their psyche and their world and journey of photography throughout their career.  The inspiration and wisdom they pass along contributes to our own passion for photography and they become our mentors as we soak up each quote and nugget of information they share.  Below are 20 inspirational photography quotes from some of the most famous photographers throughout history.

The Best Famous Photography Quotes

  1. Your first 10, 000 photographs are your worst.  Henri Cartier Bresson
  2. Lots of photographers think that when they purchase a better camera they’ll be capable to take better photographs. A far better camera will not do something for you if you don’t have anything on mind or on your heart.  Arnold Newman
  3. Which of my photos is my favored? The one will take tomorrow.  Imogen Cunningham
  4. Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.  Peter Adams
  5. You do not take a photograph, you make it. Ansel Adams
  6. If your photos aren’t good enough, you aren’t near enough.  Robert Capa
  7. What I enjoy about photos is they catch a minute that’s gone forever, impossible to replicate. Karl Lagerfeld
  8. Nothing occurs whenever you sit at home. Photography isn’t a sport. Bill Brandt
  9. The best pictures are those that retain their strength and impact through time, no matter the number of times they’re viewed.  Anne Geddes
  10. There are no rules for great photos, there are only good photos.   Ansel Adams
  11. Beauty may be seen in all things, viewing and writing the beauty is what divides the snapshot from the picture.  Matt Hardy
  12. I don’t want anyone to enjoy the mild or the palette of tones. The limitations on your photography are on yourself, for the thing that we see is the thing that we’re.  Ernst Haas
  13. Look, Im not an intellectual I only take pictures.  Helmut Newton
  14. Photography may only represent the present. Once photographed, their subject becomes part of their past.  Berenice Abbott
  15. No place is dull, if you have had a good night’s sleep and have a hole full of unexposed film. Robert Adams
  16. Look and think before opening their shutter. The mind and heart are their true lens of their camera. Yousuf Karsh
  17. Its more essential for a photographer to have very great shoes, than to have an excellent Camera.  Sebastiao Salgado
  18. I always believed good pictures were like good jokes. You need the model just as much as she or he needs you. For what does a street photographer do, but walk and watch and waiting and talk, and after that watch and wait some more, attempting to remain confident that their unexpected, their unknown, or their secret heat of their known awaits just around their corner.  Alex Webb
  19. I see something very special and show it to their camera. The minute is held until someone sees it. Then it’s theirs.  Sam Abell
  20. I went into photography because it appeared enjoy their perfect vehicle for commenting on their craziness of todays existence. Robert Mapplethorpe

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  1. “Why yes, I do have a great camera, but it’s as dumb as a sack of hammers! It doesn’t know how to light the subject, how to compose, nor when to press the shutter release.”

    Mark Gilvey

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